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What happens when you're hard down?

What are the costs of being hard down? Do you know? We are in touch with clients day-in and day-out and would say the vast majority do not know.

  • A failure of a critical application can lead to two distinct types of losses:
  • Loss of the application service – the impact of downtime varies according to the application and the business;
  • Loss of data – the potential loss of data due to a system outage can have significant legal and financial implications.

Take this into consideration:

Research indicates that 60 percent of organizations don't have a fully documented disaster recovery plan, while 40 percent of those with a plan admit that it isn't very effective when a disaster does strike.

  • According to Nationwide's Small Business Indicator about half (49 percent) of respondents said it would take their business at least three months to recover from a natural disaster.
  • The average business suffers 14 hours of downtime per year, decreasing employee efficiency to 63 percent.
  • Average resolution time per outage is over 3 hours.
  • Due to the costs associated with efforts to get systems back and running, companies typically lose an average of 9 hours of IT staffing.
  • More than half of companies feel outages can damage their reputation, and 18% feel outages are “extremely damaging” to their reputation.
  • Failure to recover data can result in disastrous outcomes for companies without a disaster recovery plan.
  • Let’s talk about your comprehensive disaster recovery plan. And if you don’t have one, let’s create one together.


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