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It plays a role in most of the services that we curate for our customers and is a term that floats around in common usage every day, but "the cloud" still exists as a somewhat nebulous concept for many who don't work in the telephony and data space. So what IS "the cloud"?

The entity that we refer to as the cloud is made of of three essential building blocks:

Storage: This is where files and applications are kept for ready access by individuals or users in an organization.

Computing power: This is what drives the data to the end user via platforms and applications.

Networking: These are the highways that the data travels on.

Storage and computing power "live" in data centers. Depending on your locale, you may pass a major data center on a regular basis. Data centers are large buildings where multitudes of servers are housed to execute the storage and power functions necessary for cloud capability. Some are located close to specific customers or industry centers and others are in far-flung locations to drive public cloud access.

So how do you get to the cloud? That's really where we come in. Our expertise is in helping you to build the most functional, efficient, cost-effective on-ramps and then channeling your access to applications that serve your unique, industry-specific needs. This is our language and we love to set our customers up for success in a rapidly changing digital world.

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