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So you have a hybrid workspace now...

There are five things to consider when trying to assess whether or not you picked the right UCaaS solution for your business.

Is the platform robust?: on the surface they may all seem similar but it's best to choose a platform built explicitly for the Cloud.

Features and integrations: you need to align the service features with your business needs and objectives.

Security and compliance: security hardware, software, and expertise should be top notch.

Support and deployment: depending on your business's size, you will need different levels of customization, support, and training--the faster and more straightforward the deployment, the more quickly you'll see ROI.

Reliability and disaster recovery: can the vendor offer service availability in the event of a disaster? It's not out-of-scope to ask the vendor to provide reliability stats and disaster recovery plans.

Lastly, it helps to know who the top dogs are in the UCaaS world in any given year, which is why it is worthwhile to check out the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. We'll be happy to discuss this annual rating tool with you and to help you to evaluate your current solution vs. any that might better suit your business. We can also help you to leverage new tools for your present platform.

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