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Network Services and Digital Edge: Moving from Coax to ...

Ensuring your business receives the fastest and most reliable internet service is a top priority. In the typical scenario, businesses struggle with deciding between internet providers. As times change, however, there is more to the internet than just picking the right provider. Traditional cable internet services use coaxial cables but as technology advances a new type of internet is available. Fiber optic internet has become common in the industry so now is the time to make some serious decisions.

Availability: Unlike coax cable networks, fiber availability is limited depending on your location. Fiber-optic is available in most markets but running a cable to your business may be costly.

Speed: Simply stated, fiber-optic is faster.

Reliability: Fiber-optic is more reliable regarding its consistency and overall performance. A dedicated line can protect you against latency while with coax cable, speeds can slow during high-volume times.

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Price: Between the two, fiber-optic is going to cost more. As fiber becomes more popular the price between the two may lessen so check all of your options when you are researching (or let us help you! This is part of what we do to assist you in finding a tailored solution for your business).

Contact us today to learn how we can help you make this decision and others in a drive to streamline your efficiency and costs.




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