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Exploring Multi-cloud & Hybrid Cloud

We talk a lot about cloud capability here at CrossVergence and, as technology evolves, the terms "multi-cloud" and "hybrid cloud" are coming up much more frequently. Contrary to what many people assume, the two terms are not interchangeable. Let's break down the key differences.

A multi-cloud strategy means that a business is utilizing different public cloud services for different functions of their business. This might mean adopting one cloud soution for data center, another for telephony, and so on. Often these various solutions are procured from different public cloud providers. Enterprises may choose this approach to tap into what each provider does best or to simply take advantage of pricing differences between solutions.

Hybrid cloud, conversely, always involves at least one component invested in private cloud. An organization that has its own private cloud data center solution may choose, then, to seek an outside public cloud offering for their telephony and so on. They may also utilize backup capability in the public cloud for functionality that they have in their own private cloud solution.

Multi-cloud strategies that are well-formulated and executed can offer function and financial efficiency that improves business agility. Similarly, hybrid cloud can function as a stress-relief valve for growing businesses or those with transient demand spikes. An example of this is when a private cloud solution is set-up to route overflow to public cloud services if traffic warrants it. Constructing a smart strategy to employ the pieces that best serve your business needs is key to best utilization of the powerful cloud options available to today's enterprises.

As always, we're happy to help you parse your needs and to match them with the best options for your specific situation.



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