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What do you need to know about securing IoT devices? - ...

IoT devices are getting more diverse and expansive as technology advances. Securing a device can be difficult because it requires a robust and in-depth security strategy. At the very least, you must secure your data in the Cloud, securely provision your IoT devices, and you need to protect
your data as it travels through the public internet. Here are some key ways to address your security across all of those concerns.

Secure Data to the Cloud 

We mentioned this but, in more detail, backing up your device to the Cloud helps to reduced breaches or exposure. Your critical information and data can be appropriately protected by the multi-layered strategies employed by Cloud providers.

Protect Cloud Credentials 

As mentioned, it is easy for cybercriminals to gain access to unprotected IoT devices. With Cloud authentication credentials, frequently changing passwords, and avoiding reused passwords you can make significant impact on your security posture.

Perform Audits

Performing frequent audits on your IoT devices can help identify potential issues and prevent breaches. Audits are fiscally beneficial and they can let you know if any of your devices need to be updated or replaced.

Protecting Physical Infrastructure. 

IoT devices can face security attacks by physical access. If your device has USB ports, it is essential to maintain strict access to these devices to prevent breaches. Develop a policy to address use of these ports.

Securing your IoT devices can feel overwhelming but we're happy to connect you with our savvy trusted partners who can help you address existing weaknesses and develop a plan to prevent future ones.



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