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Seven Frequently Encountered Challenges of Call Centers

We aim to make the process of friction reduction for your customers as, well, frictionless as possible for you. Here’s what we see as FEC’s (Frequently Encountered Challenges)

Agent turnover

A classic that still tops the list. You know the impacts – expensive to train replacements, lower performance during ramp-up, lower team morale.

Providing customer choice

Don’t believe the articles that take generations and say things like "millennials don’t like to call" or "boomers only like to talk with live people". The simple truth is every business needs to allow each to choose how they want to interact and how they want to escalate and change media throughout an interaction.


How many applications do your employees navigate to handle a customer request? The irony of providing choice for customers is that it often makes the employee’s life extremely cumbersome.

Replacing end-of-life legacy solutions

Even with cloud contact centers as the accepted norm these days within the industry, most contact centers in the US still have on-prem, legacy solutions. Whether the issue is cost, fear, or lack of perceived value, we’ve seen visionaries prevail and get the progress they know the company needs.

Balancing people and automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) buzz is everywhere. The consensus is, if you’re not yet, you’ll need to balance the empathy of people with the speed and tirelessness of AI. Get this balance right, and you’ll achieve cost-effective CX (Customer Experience) nirvana.

Preparation for and leveraging Machine Learning (ML)

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and other ML technologies offer significant benefits. The degree of success depends on your data and your people. Even if you’re not ready today, you can start ensuring both people and data are ready.

Understanding the realities of the customer journey

Sometimes measuring everything gets you nothing but a lot of data. We see true analytics and AI-powered trend predictions help filter the noise into CX improving priorities.

Let us know how we can help you reduce friction in the Contact Center.



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