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Is Audio Conferencing Dead?

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Audio conferencing has been around long enough that most of us can't remember a time without it. It has always been a pretty straightforward collaboration solution; it is inexpensive, secure, and easy-to-use. This older technology isn't without flaws, though. Audio-delay is one challenge. Background noise and interference is another. The audio-only environment also doesn't always feel particularly engaging to users. This can inhibit the productivity and collaborative spirit of the call.

Enter the age of video conferencing. While video platforms were already experiencing significant growth prior to 2020, the coronavirus pandemic escalated the adoption curve for these solutions. Business leaders report higher engagement when using video and are able to extend hybrid work options to employees beyond what they were previously able to do. Collaboration can be just as robust and productive as meetings conducted in-person. While video conferencing solutions can still suffer from some of the noise and interference issues as audio, providers are responding to the demand and focusing research and development on addressing residual problems.

Technology has the power to change the way that we work. The rapid ascent of video conferencing is one segment to watch. It's very likely that this will replace audio conferencing completely within the next decade, save for a few very specialized applications.



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