CrossVergence performs a number of duties within
an organization as a technology services vendor manager.

  • Technology Design & Consulting
  • Services Provider Review & Sourcing
  • Fiber Maps
  • Contract Management & Negotiations
  • Implementation Oversight & Support
  • Invoice & Usage Audits
  • Lifecycle Transitions
  • Issue Resolution

Vendor Management & Cost Containment

Why you need a vendor manager: Centralizing vendor management gives the IT department a broad view of its agreements with suppliers and the ability to obtain better terms and prices.

CrossVergence assumes responsibility for relationships with existing vendors and coordinates as needed with all impacted segments of our clients' team, including Sales, IT, Operations, Support, Finance, and Leadership. These relationships provide a platform to support and negotiate on our clients' behalf to support its operations and business objectives.

You gain efficacy and efficiency when you centralize these tasks with CrossVergence. CrossVergence will ensure that the technology services that are purchased support your company’s business objectives and fit into your longer term vision of where you want to go.